In ten years, our small team has managed to renovate 56+ historic buildings and storefronts, attract and launch seventeen new specialty retail stores, seven downtown eateries, three new event centers, thirty-four upper floor loft apartments, and directly or indirectly created upwards of 180 new jobs in our community. The success of the Hustle Hard approach works in small towns.
Read some of our case studies to learn how.

Hometown Opportunity

That is why we developed Hometown Opportunity. To help communities shift public perception and position themselves as places that offer workforce opportunities for all.


Bellefontaine Ohio Opportunity Zone

Located in the 11 county Columbus Region amongst rolling rural farmland, Bellefontaine Ohio is a small town full of hard working people, affordable real estate, sparkling community charm and big vision for progress. It is also a town on the cusp of sizable economic growth.

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