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HOMETOWN OPPORTUNITY is a proven, online workforce development platform created for counties, municipalities and regional areas to help tackle their workforce shortage issues head-on. Our web-based portal was designed to connect job seekers of all levels, from graduating students through tradespeople and degreed professionals, with local companies who are planning to grow.

Large, online job boards like or Indeed are crowded and don’t always match job openings to the right job seekers. It’s like fishing for the best fish... but in the ocean.

The Hometown Opportunity platform was constructed to match local jobs with local talent. By narrowing the playing field, job seekers become aware of the many employment and career opportunities that are available in their own back yard. More importantly, regional areas can leverage Hometown Opportunity’s visibility to retain their workforce rather than watching qualified candidates leave in search of opportunities elsewhere.

David Simons

“I was very impressed by how easy it was to locate talent in this area. We were able to fill our management team positions in addition to all the positions in the warehouse because of Hometown Opportunity.” 

David Simons, General Manager, Ferguson Enterprises

“I knew that I eventually wanted to bring my career back to the local area, but I thought it would take some time. With a Marketing and PR background jobs can be limited in any city. I didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did.”

Mindy Kremer, Marketing Coordinator, Mercer Health

“Our career readiness students didn’t think that we had many opportunities in our area. When they see that there are good paying jobs that are in demand, it gets them excited. Hometown Opportunity helps make wonderful career connections.”

Michelle, Teacher, Celina High School

“We’re looking for highly technical, skilled trades positions, which are in high demand in this area. Prior to using Hometown Opportunity it was difficult to find qualified employees. We used to only get two to three a week. Now we’re getting ten times that amount, and from highly qualified applicants.”

Brian Hackman, Director of Operations, Tru-Edge Grinding Inc.

Gain control of your local workforce issues by managing connections locally!

Listen to how Hometown Opportunity has helped other regions:

Hometown Opportunity helps local companies connect with job seekers through multiple robust features:

Local company profiles provide a powerful ongoing recruitment tool.

Job board features all immediate job openings for local talent to review daily.

Resume board allows job seekers to create a personal employment profile for recruiters.

A weekly email feature alerts jobs seekers of new local openings as they are posted.

Student area allows local high school students to see possibilities for employment locally.

Mobile app allows employers and job seekers to keep opportunities at their fingertips.

Small Nation

A job notification system will email registered candidates a list of weekly opportunities in your area, keeping them constantly engaged, aware and informed. Our Hometown Opportunity App is included with the licensing fee, allowing job seekers to connect with local opportunities at their fingertips.

Hometown Opportunity even includes a job shadow/internship system which will connect registered students to employers via a tool used by local school guidance counselors. This increases the awareness and education of our youth before they relocate outside of your region.

Best of all, it’s all local, all the time. All of the companies and listings are within your region, focusing the available candidates where you want them to stay. Hometown Opportunity isn’t just a job board. It’s a pre-designed marketing tool for workforce retention.

Your one time licensing fee purchases the robust functionality of the system and customization by our team at SMALL NATION. You have the freedom to brand your site any way you’d like to represent your local area. Once you purchase the platform, it’s yours forever… there are no additional licensing charges.

Check out some of the local regions currently using the Hometown Opportunity platform:

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Hometown Opportunity platform can be licensed for use within your county or regional area to recruit and retain your local workforce.

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