Hometown Opportunity isn’t just a job board. It’s a pre-designed marketing tool for workforce retention.

Over the years, we’ve talked to hundreds of small towns and municipalities across the country about their hopes, dreams and challenges for growth. There is one area that everyone seems to have in common: The battle to attract and retain a qualified work force.

There simply aren’t enough people applying for local jobs. Skilled candidates are choosing to work in larger towns near by and students aren’t seeing their local communities as places to grow. Meanwhile, local companies are fighting to fill their existing open positions and economic development departments can’t convince new companies to move in.

A shortage of qualified people obviously isn’t the problem. The problem is a perception and communication issue.

People just aren’t seeing opportunities that are readily available in their home towns or understanding that there is potential for a great life there.

That is why we developed Hometown Opportunity. To help communities shift public perception and position themselves as places that offer workforce opportunities for all.

How does it work?

Hometown Opportunity is a pre-designed web based portal that connects schools, job seekers and companies in one hyper-local place. The platform merges the connectivity of a job board with the marketing power of a economic development site… all in one powerful location.

One fee. You license it. It’s your local brand

With your purchase of our pre-designed portal structure, our expert design team will help you create your very own local brand identity and populate your site with local information about schools, destinations, maps and moving information as well as company info and job listings that you provide. Site branding is included in your one time fee!

Once completed, your custom branded site can then be used to market and promote your local area as a great place to work and live.

Marketing is the key to success.

The more you promote your site locally, the more successful your portal will be. By making your site constantly visible to your local community via print advertising, radio and TV ads, social media and outdoor advertising, perception will begin to shift about the opportunities in your area.

After launch, if you need assistance marketing your site or managing the technical aspects of your site, Small Nation is also here to help with powerful multi-channel marketing packages, IT and site maintenance assistance and ongoing consulting packages for an additional fee.

Regions currently using the Hometown Opportunity platform have reported consistent numbers of over 2,200 unique hits per day with consistent marketing within their area.

It’s time to take control.

We know how real the struggle is today. Regions are competing with each other for talent, and the ones who will win the battle are the ones who find a way to communicate their opportunities clearly to the public.

The solution to the workforce problem is to help local job candidates see local opportunities. Hometown Opportunity gives communities that competitive edge.

Don’t let workforce issues continue to stagnate your area’s progress. Get a leg up on your neighbors and reach out to the Small Nation team today.