Our small town went from dying to destination in only ten years. Every day, people around the country ask us… HOW? To answer that question, we’ve distilled our experiences over the past decade into a successful and tested approach that small towns can utilize everywhere to start, revive, grow and thrive. Our Small Town Success™ Formula can be your blueprint toward revitalization.

Based on the five key fundamentals we utilized to revitalize Downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio, The Small Town Success™ Formula includes a blend of immersive experiences, one-on-one consulting, financing strategies, design direction, and brand building.

Our system guides small towns in identifying existing opportunities that may have been hidden in plain sight for years. Our team’s experience and fresh eyes can help you amplify a new vision for your town, create solid strategies for implementing that vision, and develop ways to tell the world.
The Small Town Success™ Formula is a comprehensive service and consulting package, including a tour of Bellefontaine, an Insight Visit to your town, a Downtown Assessment, Community Branding, and Redevelopment Strategies including suggestions for effective reuse of historic
buildings, development and attraction of a target tenant mix, architectural renderings, and communication with the community throughout the growth process. Customizable, a-la-carte service packages that best fit your town’s unique needs are also available.

To learn more about the Small Town Success™ Formula and how it can help your town, reach
out at 937-565-4580 or send us a note at smallnationstrong.com/success today

The Formula Fundamentals

  • Buy and renovate historic buildings
  • Actively recruit and mentor tenants
  • Become equity partners
  • Provide financing
  • Design and promote

The Small Town Success™ formula is designed to help your small town learn, grow, and begin a path toward real change. Small Nation can be your guide in multiple ways:

Visit us for a guided tour of Bellefontaine, and have the opportunity to ask questions along the way. Your tour includes lunch and a package of Small Nation learning tools to take home. Then, our team will visit your town for a strategy tour, meet with local officials and decision-makers, and offer real-time insights and ideas for making change happen.

A more comprehensive approach than our Insight Visit, our Downtown Assessments are in-depth explorations of your downtown’s potential. Small Nation will work one-on-one with your local group of change agents to assess your town’s existing assets, then provide in-depth, specific recommendations for new possibilities.

For communities with a strategy in place, Small Nation will work with your local team of decision makers providing ongoing coaching to push past the
plan into action mode. We’ll help you identify downtown champions and new small business entrepreneurs, engage them as part of the big-picture vision for your area, and execute your plan effectively

Positioning your downtown for success includes differentiating your town from others in the minds of the public, then getting the word out in a clear and engaging manner. Small Nation will help your town develop a strong, authentic destination brand to attract new visitors and economic investment. Packages include branding, messaging, website, and visibility tools such as social, print, and billboard marketing.

The Small Nation team is available to speak about what we have achieved in Bellefontaine and the importance of revitalization in your town at group events. Small Nation Founder and CEO Jason Duff is available for keynote addresses and large events nationwide.

Our most comprehensive approach, Small Nation provides complete redevelopment strategies for small towns that are ready to invest in growth and success. Strategies include suggestions for effective reuse of historic buildings, development and attraction of a target tenant mix, architectural renderings, and communication with the community throughout the growth process.