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Outdoor advertising is growing. In a world that is saturated with digital messages, billboards stand alone in their power to capture the attention of an undistracted and completely captive audience. Ready to take your small business message to the masses? Choose outdoor advertising. Here’s why:

Did you know…

Billboards capture repeat exposure to a business message more effectively (and at the lowest price) than almost any other marketing channel. Why? Because in the private solitude of their car, a prospective customer is a captive audience.

Think about it: When driving down the road toward their destination, a prospective customer has no choice but to be exposed to your business message. They can’t shut their eyes. They can’t close the window of their windshield, change the channel of the countryside or scroll past seeing the ad.

Customers simply can’t ignore a billboard. It is a marketing channel with almost zero exposure barriers.

A new study by Nielsen says out of home (OOH) advertising is the most effective way to reach travelers. “90 percent of US travelers have noticed out of home advertising in the past month, and 80 percent have noticed OOH ads in the past week.”

We think that’s a statistic worth investing in. Especially for small businesses.

Comstor Outdoor Billboards
Comstor Outdoor

Reach your customer when it matters.

Day or night, rain or shine, billboards convey your message

Billboards create a powerful visual impact that cannot be ignored

Consumers cannot turn off, tune out, or throw away billboards

Advertising on a billboard allows you to target areas for promoting your product

Outdoor advertising is an important source for informing travelers,
commuters, and tourists

Check out the power of billboards:

Make a huge impact with your message:

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