Just Move! Fitness Boosts Body, Brain Health

This year, as we’ve all been staying closer to home, are there ways to improve our health, wellness and, frankly, our whole outlook?

Sure, experts say. Just move!

Moving your body is good for you, whether it’s yoga or jogging, walking the dog, playing catch with the kids, or dancing in the living room. Along with physical benefits, it boosts your mental […]

Just Move! Fitness Boosts Body, Brain Health2021-02-22T14:10:48-05:00

Check in … with YOU!

By Small Business Sanity – Shannon Reese

Feeling off-kilter during these uncertain … and unstructured days? You can do a daily self-check-in to help find your “center” and make sure you’re okay. Our friends at The Ohio State University Health Plan share the importance of self-care during this quarantine time, and Greater Good […]

Check in … with YOU!2020-06-13T08:33:07-04:00

Calm Kids. Calm You.

By: Shannon Reese

What with stay-home orders, listening to the news, and not being able to hang with friends … it’s enough to make anyone a bit anxious. Kids – whether they’re toddlers or teens – can be a little stressed, too. The Ohio State University’s wellness experts recommend staying calm when talking […]

Calm Kids. Calm You.2020-06-02T08:42:38-04:00

Be Well: A Few Tips to Brighten your Day

By: Shannon Reese

Feeling a little ruffled these days while you hunker down at home? That’s no surprise … but there are some steps you can take to brighten your day while you keep social-distancing, according to experts at The Ohio State University Health Plan.

  • Hello sunshine! Head to the great outdoors to […]
Be Well: A Few Tips to Brighten your Day2020-06-02T08:43:52-04:00

Be Well: Tips and Tools to Calm the Chaos

By: Shannon Reese

Uncertain times. Unimaginable change. Upended routines. While these may be defining our lives right now … there are tips and tools to help you find balance.

Just Breathe. 

One of the best ways to battle anxiety and stress is simple – just breathe. Like other relaxation techniques, slow, […]

Be Well: Tips and Tools to Calm the Chaos2020-06-02T08:44:24-04:00
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