Check in … with YOU!

By Small Business Sanity – Shannon Reese

Feeling off-kilter during these uncertain … and unstructured days? You can do a daily self-check-in to help find your “center” and make sure you’re okay. Our friends at The Ohio State University Health Plan share the importance of self-care during this quarantine time, and Greater Good […]

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Calm Kids. Calm You.

By: Shannon Reese

What with stay-home orders, listening to the news, and not being able to hang with friends … it’s enough to make anyone a bit anxious. Kids – whether they’re toddlers or teens – can be a little stressed, too. The Ohio State University’s wellness experts recommend staying calm when talking […]

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Be Well: A Few Tips to Brighten your Day

By: Shannon Reese

Feeling a little ruffled these days while you hunker down at home? That’s no surprise … but there are some steps you can take to brighten your day while you keep social-distancing, according to experts at The Ohio State University Health Plan.

  • Hello sunshine! Head to the great outdoors to […]
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Be Well: Tips and Tools to Calm the Chaos

By: Shannon Reese

Uncertain times. Unimaginable change. Upended routines. While these may be defining our lives right now … there are tips and tools to help you find balance.

Just Breathe. 

One of the best ways to battle anxiety and stress is simple – just breathe. Like other relaxation techniques, slow, […]

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