By: Shannon Reese

Feeling a little ruffled these days while you hunker down at home? That’s no surprise … but there are some steps you can take to brighten your day while you keep social-distancing, according to experts at The Ohio State University Health Plan.

  • Hello sunshine! Head to the great outdoors to improve your mood and well-being. Getting some fresh air and sunshine can boost your energy and your spirits, even while you keep your distance from others. So go for a brisk walk or enjoy some fun with the kids in the backyard.
  • C’mon, get happy! Experts say our happiness can be influenced by our intentions. Getting in a positive frame of mind can become a habit, even in trying times. Ohio State’s Health Plan folks offer this link to Project Happiness, where you can even sign up for a free “daily happiness vitamin.”
  • Get cookin’ … with your kids. Enlist your children’s help in the kitchen and have a little nutritious fun. Some simple ideas: make kabobs with squares of cheese, grapes and berries. Whip up a healthy smoothie. Or cut PB&J sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters.