Books Tell a Story. Covers Tell a Summary

You’ve heard to never judge a book by its cover. But, most of us can admit that we’re not perfect and are guilty of still judging covers. It’s human nature.

Covers can offer good information, though, and that’s not something we always acknowledge. While they don’t offer you the whole story, there’s usually a brief synopsis or summary, or some highlights […]

Books Tell a Story. Covers Tell a Summary2021-03-22T09:51:25-04:00

Open for Business: Marketing Tips

By: Small Business Sanity Post -Shannon Reese

Main street is easing back to life. As our shops and stores, salons and studios start to reopen, what are some ways business owners can reach out to familiar customers and attract new folks? Here are a few helpful tips:

Focus on your foundation. What is […]

Open for Business: Marketing Tips2020-06-13T08:32:33-04:00
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