April 1, 2024 – Downtown Bellefontaine is soon to be graced with a new gem as Mystic Mama Rock + Jewelry prepares to open its doors. Owned by Shary Duff, this is her third downtown shop following Queen of Hearts Fine Chocolates & Gifts and The Naked Goat Bath & Body. Mystic Mama, located at 110 E. Court Ave. in the Historic Opera Block, promises a vibrant fusion of global creativity and artistic expression.

Described as a “rock and jewelry store that represents all parts of the world in creativity,” Mystic Mama gives visitors a unique experience spanning continents and cultures. The store boasts an eclectic array of treasures, ranging from exquisite jewelry pieces to semi-precious rocks and crystals found from far corners of the globe.

“What makes Mystic Mama different,” explained Shary, “is that we’ve found unique treasures that are affordable for gifts and collectors alike.” Each item in the store tells a story, having been made by the earth and each rock and piece being unique and special from places all around the world, including Brazil, Poland, and Peru.

The store’s centerpiece, an amethyst tree, stands as a testament to wisdom and philosophy. Crafted by a renowned Brazilian artist and sourced through a partnership with Ohio Caverns, the tree is a stunning mix of artistry and natural beauty, showcasing the intricate wonder of quartz crystal and clear crystals.

Mark Brookhart, the General Manager of Mystic Mama, elaborates on the store’s concept, stating, “It’s more than just Southwestern or rocks; it’s Yellowstone meets Yellow Springs.” With an extensive selection of jewelry lines, including offerings from Brighton, Raku, and Julie Vos, Mystic Mama aims to transcend conventional boundaries, offering patrons a holistic experience of beauty and culture.

With over 12 unique jewelry lines and hundreds of rocks and gems, the store aims to cater to every taste and need, from collectors to those seeking unique gifts. In addition to its diverse jewelry collection, Mystic Mama also features an impressive array of décor items, gemstones, and specialty products, carefully curated for visitors of all ages. From Baltic amber to Pendleton textiles, the store showcases the finest craftsmanship from around the world.

“We take pride in offering unique, one-of-a-kind pieces,” remarked Shary, highlighting renowned artist Amy Kahn Russell‘s signature line, known for its innovative use of fossils and stones from various continents.

The space also features custom cabinetry by Dan Sokolow of Heirloom Cabinetry & Customs in West Liberty. Dan’s craftsmanship creates pieces with a unique blend of artistry and functionality.

With its commitment to global diversity, artistic excellence, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Mystic Mama Rock + Jewelry is poised to become a cherished destination for jewelry enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs alike.

Mystic Mama Rock + Jewelry will celebrate their grand opening on Friday, April 5th, with a ribbon cutting at noon with the Logan County Chamber of Commerce. For further information and updates, follow Mystic Mama on Facebook at Facebook.com/MysticMamaDowntown and Instagram at @mysticmamadowntown.