Individuality Matters

Varied experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives are catalysts for creativity and innovation in downtown areas.

Individuality Matters2024-02-15T12:42:14-05:00

Rainbow Row

Turning a dark and forgotten district into a bright community highlight

Rainbow Row2023-12-19T16:25:39-05:00


Not long ago, Bellefontaine became one of many small towns across the country that succumbed to struggle.


Bryan, Ohio

Effective downtown revitalization means showing your authentic potential.

Bryan, Ohio2023-11-19T17:29:24-05:00

Small Town Success Formula

Our small town went from dying to destination in only ten years. Every day, people around the country ask us… HOW?

Small Town Success Formula2023-05-16T13:44:15-04:00

Small Nation Biz Success

At Small Nation, we take our tenants’ success seriously. Our Small Biz Success™ Blueprint provides every possible solution to help small businesses thrive in Bellefontaine.

Small Nation Biz Success2023-05-16T13:34:08-04:00
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