Not long ago, Bellefontaine became one of many small towns across the country that succumbed to struggle.


Small Town Success Formula

Our small town went from dying to destination in only ten years. Every day, people around the country ask us… HOW?

Small Town Success Formula2023-05-16T13:44:15-04:00

Small Nation Biz Success

At Small Nation, we take our tenants’ success seriously. Our Small Biz Success™ Blueprint provides every possible solution to help small businesses thrive in Bellefontaine.

Small Nation Biz Success2023-05-16T13:34:08-04:00

The Flying Pepper

Most small businesses begin with nothing more than a passionate dream and a lot of hard work. Humberto Nieto and Laura Haverkos were no different.

The Flying Pepper2022-02-14T20:54:12-05:00

Small Town, Big City Experiences

Small towns are full of interesting things and if they tell their stories well, they can lure destination travelers with the same gusto as the big cities. They just have to invest in themselves.

Small Town, Big City Experiences2021-07-21T19:17:06-04:00

Iron City Sports Bar

To overcome a pandemic, restaurateurs have to be as tough as iron

Iron City Sports Bar2020-10-01T06:51:45-04:00

The Syndicate

Give them what they ask for. Then make it bigger and better than they ever imagined

The Syndicate2020-10-01T06:52:31-04:00

Salons and Barbers

Salons are coming back downtown, and we couldn’t be happier.

Salons and Barbers2020-09-02T10:23:24-04:00
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