Not long ago, Bellefontaine became one of many small towns across the country that succumbed to struggle.


Small Town Success Formula

Our small town went from dying to destination in only ten years. Every day, people around the country ask us… HOW?

Small Town Success Formula2024-02-26T16:02:07-05:00

Small Biz Success Blueprint

At Small Nation, we take our tenants’ success seriously. Our Small Biz Success™ Blueprint provides every possible solution to help small businesses thrive in Bellefontaine.

Small Biz Success Blueprint2024-02-26T16:02:28-05:00

Rainbow Row

Turning a dark and forgotten district into a bright community highlight

Rainbow Row2024-02-26T16:03:07-05:00

Bryan, Ohio

Effective downtown revitalization means showing your authentic potential.

Bryan, Ohio2024-02-26T16:03:15-05:00

Individuality Matters

Varied experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives are catalysts for creativity and innovation in downtown areas.

Individuality Matters2024-02-26T16:03:26-05:00
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