Nick Davis joined the Small Nation team in 2021 as a Business Development Associate and Project Manager. Nick works directly with Small Nation’s consulting arm conducting on-site visits, participating in strategy meetings, and serving as a project liaison for our partner and client communities. If you visit us in Downtown Bellefontaine, you may see him leading tours of our development projects with community leaders and city planners.

Nick graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management, specializing in parks and recreation. Before joining the Small Nation team, Nick was involved in non-profit management and fundraising and served in President Trump’s administration, handling trip coordination, event planning and production for Cabinet members and the Vice President.

Nick is involved with political groups within the community, and is passionate about small town revitalization. He lives in Bellefontaine, Ohio and enjoys time with his parents, four brothers and sisters, and their Golden Retriever Joey. In his free time, you’ll probably find him outdoors, at a campsite, enjoying all of God’s creations.

In Nick’s words:

How do you feel Small Nation helps to affect people’s lives for the better?

Small town revitalization is the key to protecting real America. By fixing up historic buildings, history is saved. By creating a positive business atmosphere and strong network, new quality jobs are created, which leads to money in peoples’ pockets and economic growth in the community. Small Nation does just that, bringing prosperity to the people of our community and small towns across the state.

What was your first job?

I was a summer camp counselor at a Boy Scout camp for multiple summers teaching kids about nature. I was overworked and underpaid – and loved every minute of it!

In addition to being paid money, how else has your career created value in your life?

Throughout my career, I have been afforded incredible experiences to travel the country, meet some of the coolest people I will ever meet, and make friends that will be my best friends for life. I’ve been able to leave my box and learn about all kinds of cultures and people and ways of life.

What are 3 personal beliefs or values you hold strong to and act in support of?

  1. In the end, God always has a way of making things work out. 
  2. Work hard and do a good job and you can do anything.
  3. Take advantage of every opportunity you can, and when there is no opportunity, create it yourself.

What is your personal motto?

If not you, then who?