Leadership Ohio, the state’s first and most prestigious statewide leadership program, will be in Downtown Bellefontaine on Friday, July 22, to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a signature event focused on the revitalization of small-town Ohio. Small Nation will host Leadership Ohio Fellows and alumni from across the state for a full day of dynamic programming and networking.

While in Bellefontaine, Leadership Ohio will join the Small Nation team for a downtown development tour to learn about revitalization efforts, Bellefontaine’s historic Holland Theatre, the importance of shopping and supporting local businesses, and more. Small Nation develops places, spaces, and dreams for small towns and small-town entrepreneurs. Over the past decade, Small Nation has renovated 56+ historic buildings and storefronts, recruited seven downtown eateries, and invested more than $30 million in new private investments in downtown Bellefontaine.

“Bellefontaine’s economic development success represents the heart of what’s possible when innovative and entrepreneurial leaders come together,” said Dr. Lisa Duty, executive director of Leadership Ohio. “Leadership Ohio showcases inspiring stories from across the state and works to inspire and elevate Ohio’s leaders. We’re grateful to Small Nation for sharing their impactful journey toward revitalization.”

Founded in 1992, Leadership Ohio was designed to educate civic-minded leaders with a deeper understanding of Ohio and its current issues. The year-long program traverses the state engaging with some of the most influential business and community leaders and elected officials in Ohio. Its regional experiences are in-depth interactions and explorations of critical questions, challenges and opportunities facing Ohio and its people. 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Leadership Ohio.

Bellefontaine Mayor Ben Stahler is excited to host community and business leaders from around the state. “This group has their finger on the pulse as they continue to collaborate in an effort to form new and fresh ideas for Ohio’s citizens and visitors,” said Mayor Stahler. “We look forward to meeting these Ohio leaders, both as alumni and active members, and exchanging ideas and best practices.”

“Having the opportunity to connect with leaders around the state has us all pretty excited,” Small Nation Founder and CEO Jason Duff had to say. “We can’t wait to share with them genuine small town hospitality with an impressive lineup of speakers and topics.”

Thank you to Richwood Bank for sponsoring this event.