By: Small Business Sanity Post -Shannon Reese

Main street is easing back to life. As our shops and stores, salons and studios start to reopen, what are some ways business owners can reach out to familiar customers and attract new folks? Here are a few helpful tips:

Focus on your foundation. What is it you do best? Take a close look at your business’s main purpose, and what you offer that other businesses don’t. Evaluate the value of your key products … and make that your marketing focus.
Communicate. People want to hear from you. So be sure to keep them updated on your plans, hours, safety precautions and products. Drum up the conversation … and let people know how much you appreciate them.
Get social! Free social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are handy ways to get the word out about your business. Try posting about today’s specials or your favorites – if you’re a restaurant, include a photo of your favorite lunch treat or if you’re a coffeeshop tout your favorite iced coffee.
Connect with your fellow merchants. We’re all in this together, so keep in contact with your fellow entrepreneurs for encouragement and camaraderie. Trade tips and inspiration. You might even cross-promote each other’s businesses on your Facebook page!

Stay tuned for more tips next week.