For Immediate Release on Monday, Dec. 30th, 2020

Matt Staugler

Matt Staugler

Small Nation Welcomes Matt Staugler as Director of Product Development

Small Nation is pleased to welcome Matt Staugler as the newest member to its leadership team.   Matt previously served as Executive Director for the Darke County Visitors Bureau and also was recently elected to serve the Greenville, Ohio City Council.  In a statement, Board President Daryl Riffle said “the Board of Trustees for the Darke County Visitors Bureau wish to thank Matt Staugler for his leadership as the Executive Director of the DCVB.  Matt has exceeded the expectations the Board set forth when Matt was hired in 2015. During Matt’s tenure he helped lead Darke County to receiving numerous awards and recognition.  The Board wishes Matt the best as he enters into the next phase of his professional career.  Congratulations to Matt, Jen and Millie on their new endeavor.”

Staugler will be joining Small Nation as the Director of Product Development.   Small Nation develops spaces, places an and dreams for small towns and entrepreneurs around the County, and is based in Bellefontaine, Ohio.   “I’m incredibly excited to work with the team at Small Nation to promote the benefits of small town, downtown investment and revitalization.”.

“In the last 7 years, Small Nation has purchased and renovated more than 30 buildings in Bellefontaine and helped invest, recruit and start lots of new businesses here.”  “The model and approach that they have is something that is needed and can help other towns like it all around the County.  I am excited to help them do that.”

The Small Nation team is currently working in Downtown Bellefontaine to complete construction on The Syndicate, a new events, beer garden and catering operation being constructed next to Brewfontaine at 231 S. Main.   In addition, Small Nation is working to redevelop 137-139 W. Columbus for The Flying Pepper Cantina a new authentic Mexican taco bar.

“I am extremely excited about the skills, qualities and ambition Matt brings to the team.   Darke County, Ohio is a destination with amazing attractions, restaurants and unique and growing small businesses.  Matt has been a tremendous resource and promoting of not only businesses in Darke County but the region as a whole.  His work aligns perfectly with our vision.   We can’t wait to get started working with them, says Small Nation Founder Jason Duff.